Hello Kerry,

Just four weeks ago today I arrived (quite late) at your beautiful home and how welcomed I felt. I fully intended to hand write a note, but time is getting away fast! Please
forgive the email, but it offers some great features!

Thank you "from the bottom of my heart" for the hospitality and care you gave me on my first visit to my ancestral home in Chichester.

Since being there with you, I walked 60 miles in the Cotswolds' and then spent a week in London...loved riding the Tube, double-decker buses and watching the
rowers along the Thames in our townhome right next to The Dove and Furnivall Gardens.

And....that dear Willow....and your lovely gardens. These will be memories I will keep for a very long time!

I am including some pictures I took and a video from a winter adventure I went on in the Grand Tetons, another place I love and will go back in October to keep learning and helping the environment!

Until we meet again!


Kathy Anspach